Where exactly is South Africans’ tax going?

It might not affect you right now but I have been out of tertiary for a while now and yes I do feel tax hitting me hard. Perhaps you don’t notice it but just to have an idea think about the money you spend daily only on lunch and deduct 14% from it.

For a lot of people it could be meaningless that they have tax on everything and it is ridiculously 14%. Well as part of the poor, or shall I modify it and say underprivileged class, I am very alert that progress is ten times harder for me than an average person. Let media not fool you, we have 25% of unemployment rate in South Africa. Yes all those people feel this tax thing a lot more than I do, but they are voiceless and they get mediocre services from government.

I will make examples about a lot of state-owned companies and organisations, just so you see that we are just fed whatever little we get. Firstly, let’s look at SABC, their programming isn’t compatible as compared to Multichoice’s DSTV. They have lost a lot of staff due to their strict rules but poor quality of programmes, now they even make reruns on things I watched as a 10 year old. I do not want to get into detail about their career section.

Schooling has been made free for all but the quality has been in doubt for many years now. The students have had to adjust to different kinds of syllabuses just to pass, hence limiting their chances to getting much needed tertiary education. I really think if government made more effort in paying teachers deserved amounts we wouldn’t have people trying to work for other people, instead we’d have people being creative and wanting to start their own businesses. This in a long run would create employment whilst decreasing the unemployment in South Africa.

Recently I read the Minister of Health saying private hospitals aren’t made to accommodate poor people, which is very true. Then I asked myself if people are paying so much money for their health, why isn’t the state paying on behalf of their people if they still make budget speeches every year. Where do all these billions go? I doubt anyone can show me a hospital that is new every year. I also discovered that elderly citizens don’t go to hospitals when they are sick. They say they fear that hospitals don’t help them, they die of cold or waiting for a doctor that will be available in 2 days later.

I wouldn’t trade South Africa for anything, but this country has made me fear for my time in school and tertiary because politics rule everything today. I would consider other opportunities globally because SA doesn’t need my talent and skills. If out of 50 million people about 18 million are employed then it means I have to be another sad statistic, which I cannot see myself being.

Life in South Africa is twice as expensive as compared to the US, where in other states there is absolutely no tax on food and clothes. I wish we just had a government that tries, other than having one that rubs it in our faces that they use our taxes for their personal gain. How do I own a Merc, while I pay tax for someone to buy a BMW 750i? How do I get out of the shack, while I pay tax for someone to upgrade an estate that’s worth over quarter of a billion?



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