The Impact of Not Living Up to Your Title

Three decades ago people lived up to their titles, this was important in building future generations. The people had an idea of passing on knowledge verbally and through their actions, which gave children back then a “real role model”. In reading this there are mixed reactions, but important questions arise: Why do you say that and who are you referring to?

I will take you through a journey as a South African child. When I was a young boy policemen used to protect society and it was the most valued job in communities. Another one was being a nurse, but if you were a doctor it was even more valued. These were the most respectable jobs and still are, but the face of it as careers and valued ones has changed dramatically in South Africa.

Today we see the youth taking these jobs as fall backs. If they don’t get good results after matric or they can’t find jobs, then they think of going to a nurse college or applying for a police job. This is different from people that had drive and passion for these jobs. All of a sudden they think, “I cannot impress my parents. Let me get money so they see that I wasn’t wasting time in school.” This is a fundamental issue that surrounds the failure of SA economy and thus contribute to our lack of productivity.

From government, industries, companies, schools etc. the majority number of people are more experience-based, meaning they only study or get training for a field once they are working. It is shocking to know that people really don’t love their jobs, but only work to provide for their families or get money to keep them going in life. Presidents are today after blood money and protection, and not to serve their people — similar to government officials, who are only in the job for selfish reasons and benefiting themselves.

I look at a doctor smoking, a nurse having coffee, while we wait in a queue to be attended. I see a policeman accepting bribes or being unable to make an arrest at a crime scene and think this is contrary to what they stand for. What happened to nurses with compassion, doctors living a health-conscious life, and policemen with strong safety and societal values?

”People with no character can only do their jobs, but people of character live their jobs.”


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