ABASA Camp of Excellence

ABASA+leadership+CampI have been to 3-day camps and full-week camps, but I’ve never experienced so much in a day and half. In December, the Association for the Advancement of Black Accountants of South Africa (ABASA) together with South African Institute of Chartered Accountancy (SAICA), gave me one of the most inspiring motivations in my life. The people who were motivating learners at the camp are black African chartered accountants and members of the ABASA Education Committee (AEC).

The theme of the camp was “I am an accountable citizen,” and that alone was actually inspiring. They took the top 10 students from five schools that are going to matric next year. I was asked to attend for my role in the success team I helped set up for St. Ansgar’s School. I wasn’t at the camp as a student, but I felt like one from the things the speakers shared. This was an opportunity for me to be informed as I enter the professional environment.


Team-building was the core initiative, because all games and tasks were meant for teams. It was amazing how students who didn’t know each other ended up trusting each other and believing in everyone around them. Changing lives is hard but after this past weekend, I believe nothing is impossible. Shokkie, a manager at Deloitte, and Jabu, vice president of AEC, shared their backgrounds. One of the students said, “Never let your background put your back on the ground,” and to me that was an excellent quote.

We watched a lot of video clips and one of the highlights was by NIKE.  A guy is in the gym bouncing a basketball and gives a long list of excuses for not doing something. At the end we saw that he was on a wheelchair with a slogan ‘Just do it’. This gave me an idea that we complain a lot about things and make excuses  but we don’t want to just get started.

Abed, an accountant, spoke about a Diamond and a Coal. He asked the learners to choose to be just like starters of fire (coal) or to be bright and shining even if there is darkness and pressure.

SAICA representative Sibusiso shared something about how bad do you want success. That motivated and encouraged me on things I need to do in order to succeed. He said if you are not willing to sacrifice your sleep, friends, social networks and things that consume your time, then you don’t want to succeed. He made an example of an asthma patient: that nothing matters most in their lives than getting air when they cannot breathe. They forget about food, friends, money, and family because all that person wants is to get air. That is what you should be like when you want to succeed: Prioritise and use your time effectively.

Boston+Public+GardenEvery single one of the speakers was  truly inspiring and they dedicated their time on doing presentations, and offering to be mentors to almost all the children. I realize that I should be grateful for my mentor, because he is there to help me and will push me hard so that I can achieve things in life.

Thank you to the ABASA Education Committee for such an amazing time and experience. The camp helped me to realize the importance of my success and of my mentor. It helped me grow and the growth came just when I finished my tertiary years.


ABASA LEader Camp dinner



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