Places and Activities I Enjoyed in Boston

In my 13 days stay in the US, I can recommend some of the best activities to do in the historical city of Boston. The best-ever thing is the view of the whole city from the top of the Prudential building. It also has almost all sort of information relating to the city history, sports and entertainment.




The second thing I enjoyed is the New England Aquarium. It was recently reopened after reconstruction of the main tank. This was amazing that divers could get in at the top of the tank and feed their diverse ocean species. But unfortunately for me they didn’t have bigger sharks.



Boston+harborThere is a saying that “if in Rome, do what the Romans do,” so I took that as a potential Bostonian. I went on and got myself something with a B, which represent their city’s baseball team, the Red Sox. Everywhere I went people had Boston stuff. It really did make me feel small that it was easier to be spotted that I wasn’t from there, so as soon as I got the cap I was a real Bostonian. Even people thought I was one of the American celebrities!

Mtu fountain

The beauty of water is my biggest fascination, so I went to the beach and the river in the city and just to feel how cold the ocean is down there. It was really hot there, 35C, but the water wasn’t the same as the weather. Instead it was truly the opposite, but people there enjoyed themselves. I guess they don’t really realize how cold the water is because its always cold there.


Mtu boat



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