South Africa’s Blade Runner Murders His Girlfriend

Everyone knows Thursday the 14 of February is a day of love. But it wasn’t the case with the Pistorius family, as they were shocked by the shooting in Oscar’s home.

The gold medalist blade runner apparently shot his girlfriend several times while she was in the bathroom. Even though it can be pointed out that Pistorius did it, there isn’t concrete evidence that he murdered Reeva Steenkamp. He appeared in court for the first time yesterday to appeal for bail. The Pistorius family have said that they would like police to investigate this case with diligence as Oscar is a role model and big public figure.

In court as the state ordered that it will be a premeditated murder case, Pistorius was seen covering his face with his hands and weeping. That could give a lot of people the idea that he actually did kill his girlfriend. Unfortunately both the Pistorius and the Steenkamp families will face difficulties as the bail application hearing was postponed to next week Tuesday — which is the same day that the memorial service for Reeva will be held in Port Elizabeth.

Now is the time to see if South Africa’s courts treat celebs and public figures the same way as us in the general public. Because we have had a lot of people get off the hook because of their wealth. It’s also amazing to watch how the people take this. Oscar was a hero and has raised the SA flag in Olympic games. Now that he is a murderer, does he get treatment like Lance Armstrong, who became a villain within hours in the social networks? We are keeping our ears on the ground to hear what happens to him, especially in terms of the court proceedings and his sentence.


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