My 2012 Highlights

It’s been a long and challenging year but you know what they say, every journey has its interests no matter how bad it was. So I’ve got some of my highlights for the year 2012.

♦ When I met my mentor in personfirst meeting-lge
I don’t know whether you can call it 3D or HD, but I finally met my mentor and friend live in person. It was one of the intriguing moments where I didn’t know whether to cry or scream. It was a fun and teary moment for both of us!

camps bay overlook-med The trip to Cape Town
This was one of the best moments I’ve ever experienced. Just getting there included the first time on a Gautrain and first time on a plane (even though I live 1km from the airport). I saw Cape Town and traveled it a lot with my buddy.

♦ Getting onto Boston Media House student committee
On this point I won’t lie: I was very scared and worried about how would I do my job. But fortunately I was successful in doing the job. Even the deputy principal acknowledged it. I don’t want praise myself or anything but my job as co-head of sports on the committee was well done — more than all the other categories.

Getting to go to Durbanmtu in durban
At first it was all great… until I got sick the past 3 days causing me to be in bed without energy. But I’m back to life and I’m going to make some more fun time because it’s my home city. What an awkward life they live here. I’m even shocked they find it easy to live happily.

♦ Attending 3 Kaizer Chiefs vs Pirates matches!
These two clubs never play at any other venue than the Soccer City, which takes capacity of 94 000 people. It’s always full when Kaizer Chiefs play Orlando Pirates. It is the most watched derby in the African continent, so it’s a great feeling to be among history-making teams.

In class at Boston Media House

Passing second year at college
They say save the best for last, that is why this is the last thing in my list. I have successfully passed all my subjects, which means I’m concentrating on my final year without disruptions. I was very excited because I thought I would have to take the supplementary exam for marketing but I didn’t. I have continued with no supp record since I started at Boston Media House!

Tomorrow, I’ll be officially a third year student at Boston Media House, but I’d like to thank the following people for the roles they play in my life daily:

  • My mother
  • Mr Beckett
  • Aunt Christine
  • Claire
  • Family
  • Jacquie
  • Poloko
  • Siya
  • My karate team
  • Norbert

Friends of my social networks, I want to thank you all. In less than 18 hours we all start a new year. Let’s meet again next year. Much love to You all!!!


One thought on “My 2012 Highlights

  1. Mtuseni, you are such a special and bright young man with unlimited potential and I have no doubt at all, that if you continue to work hard and apply yourself, you have a very promising future ahead of you. It has been such a pleasure and privilege to get to know you in 2012 and I hope to see more of you next year. I wish you and your family all the very best for a very blessed 2013. From your Pirates friend 🙂 PS – I think your encounter with your mentor was Real-D. You’re very fortunate to have someone that believes in you as much as he does.

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