Strange Durban

mtu in durbanI have spent a week in Durban and, yes, I’ve been very observant on what people do.

At first I was just relaxed about it and I didn’t think it was real: For the first time in my life I saw a land of Indians and blacks only, but from similar classes — as in all between middle and lower class. It was shocking because in Johannesburg an Indian competes with whites in terms of  class.

Two days ago I first heard an Indian boy utter words such as, and I quote, “When I finish school, I want to be a….” I was first in awe then in shock. Firstly, it’s a black man’s song to say when I finish school I want to be something. Secondly, I thought he should be working already because I thought he was older than me.

durban beachAnother big thing trending here is wearing gold teeth. Almost 80% of the people do it in Durban. Of course it looks great on the outside, but the damage it does to your teeth is far more dangerous. I really wish I had one, but I just can’t bear tooth cavities and the pain that is alongside it. So I won’t have it, which is good news to someone that is more like a dentist to me.

One thing I admire about this place is that people are so accommodating and very respectful. It’s very easy to be part of them even if they don’t know you, and they don’t treat people like outliers.

Above all, I’m enjoying the beach and warm weather. It’s very hot though. It reaches 32° C which I’m not used to, but I’m very adjusted to it.

durban shark park, south africa


2 thoughts on “Strange Durban

  1. Such interesting observations of the Durban culture Mtuseni. Now I understand why dental claims in that area are so high 🙂 It sounds like you are having a great time down there. Best wishes for a wonderful 2013.

  2. I find Durban to be a more real and equal South Africa, the segregation of races is far less than Joburg – recently moved from Johannesburg.

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