First Time in Durbs

On road to DurbanIt’s been a dark trip but as dawn struck we were already 200 km away from Johannesburg and approaching one of the 5 toll gates that are on the N3, which takes you straight to Durban.

Well, it was only the two of us travelling a 560 km road. We only were faced with a challenge of driving alongside trucks that are all over the road. Mostly they cause accidents because of their lack of sleep. Anyway, we saw only two minor accidents: only trucks and no contact, so it wasn’t serious accidents. It was result of being tired and misleading the trucks to overturn.

There wasn’t much adventure on the road because we wanted to arrive early in Durban. Luckily, I was able to find some wonderful mountain that reminded me of Cape Town.

We spent at least R 160 on all the toll gates and arrived safe and sound in Pinetown, Mirrianhills. It struck me by surprise how people built in such an area. I even thought I’m in Rio (BRAZIL). It’s an old surbuban area filled with a village touch.

Mountains on road to Durban



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