Barack’s Second Term at the White House

Obama family greets crowd on Election Night

Obamas celebrate 2012 election victory. (Source:

While others were attacked by the heavy hurricane named Sandy, Barack Obama was working on his re-election campaign.

In South Africa on Wednesday the 7th of November, this was the trending story: ‘Barack gets second term in office’. As Africans, it was exciting to see an African American being elected yet again to be president of the powerhouse of the world. Its funny how speculations were saying the race is so tight while others were already saying that Mitt Romney is the next president of the USA. But that was all down to the voters to decide, and eventually it wasn’t to be.

There cannot be any sort of conspiracy on the U.S. election process, so Donald Trump showed his frustrations and expressed his disapproval of President Obama on Twitter. According to Trump, the current president doesn’t satisfy him. From the election results, this is in contrast of how Democrats and Republicans view their president.

Obama 2012 Election Celebration crowd

Crowd celebrates Obama 2012 victory. (Source:

As we know, all elections have pros and cons; we don’t expect everyone to love and like the president. I know from South Africa that we never stop complaining about service delivery and unemployment, while most of us don’t even want to attend school. Voters are never appreciative until the person is gone and start complaining and comparing them to the previous candidate.

I’m sure it came as a relief to the Obama’s that they can keep the White House for another four years since. That house doesn’t go the market, but it’s probably the most expensive house that a human can buy. Congratulations to Barack Hussein Obama for being the only black president ever to have two terms in office and all the best for the next four years. And big up to Mr Mitt Romney for giving Obama competition, that was very courageous of him.

Now we await the next U.S. elections in 2016 and evaluate Obama’s task from now on as he already has the hurricane disaster to take care of in New York and neighboring cities. Just like everyone that gets to be president, I’ll take this chance on his behalf to say, “God bless America”.


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