Weather Strikes the World!

Spring storm in Gauteng, South Africa

Spring storm in Gauteng, South Africa

Floods, hurricanes and typhoons are the reason why the world today is purely unstable. We are all shocked about the sudden change in weather patterns.

In South Africa it all started two weeks ago, when the heavy rains hit the Eastern and Western Cape. This was the beginning of floods that swept roads and shacks away —  leaving at least 1000 people homeless. Since then, across the country changes in weather have been experienced. Bear in mind its Spring here but this makes it feel like Autumn. Two days ago a hail storm attacked Gauteng with hail size equivalent to a golf ball, and rain is expected to last for two more weeks.

Hurricane Sandy made the vulnerable Haiti the first victims of its disaster wave. It has left the country in total devastation as it was still trying to recover from previous storms and the earthquake that hit the country three years ago. Sandy has shattered Haiti but the UN and EU have started to find ways on how to help the country.

Meanwhile Sandy has made its first mark today in the USA. At 2am (SAST) is the exact time that Hurricane Sandy was expected to strike USA. President Barack Obama made a public appeal asking people to follow orders given by their department officials to minimize harm to many people. The hurricane is set to target  states such as New York, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts, and it is estimated to affect at least 50 million people.

I am very saddened that this is happening because of millions of people are affected and Sandy will strike the city where my mentor lives. So I’ll be keeping my prayers with all Americans, Haitians and South Africans affected by bad weather.


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