20 Years of My Life

In class at Boston Media House

It’s been a very outrageous two decades of my life, and I’m going to take you on a journey to my past.

16 September 1992  was the day my mother gave birth to the second of her stars in this world. This was a unique star who would grow to fight for what all the others in the family couldn’t achieve. There have been mountains and valleys, disappointments and achievements, happy times and sad times in my life—but today I live as an example to many of the young and to fellow friends.

There are a lot of things that I could have done that I wouldn’t be proud of and that I could’ve been proud of, but there’s only one reason I’m alive and happy today. It is God. My faith in God made my life’s challenges easier and helped me out of danger.

Me, Mom, Bongeka and Musa

I can’t talk a lot about the first 10 years of my life because I was young, but I still remember in 1998 we were walking with my brother and some cousins on a gravel road in KZN. A taxi came rushing. My older brother Moses dragged me by the hand and the taxi ran past, 10 cm away from me. If it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be here today.That same year my brother and I were at a fireplace. Moses held a plastic to the fire while I put my hands to warm them. As we were naïve, he burnt me and left the best scar on my hand.

It was all great in my family at first because I was the last born for a while. This meant nothing because I was taller than my brother. This made us look like twins and, well, we got treated like twins. We wore the same clothes everytime we went out. It felt weird but I loved feeling a bit older.

At retreat with karate team

In 1999 we moved from KZN to Gauteng. I was excited because it was going to be full-time living with parents and exploring new things.

Luck was on my side, I was able to learn fast and started speaking seTswana and English at only grade 2. I kept on working hard and making different kinds of friends to be sure I learned a lot more languages as I grew up and went up the grades.

Finally I got to high school. It was another type of experience because people were now acting all adult and stuff, which made no sense to me

With my mentor in Capetown

because I was a humourous person. I got involved with community skills development projects and met a lot of people from overseas. That’s how I learned to accept all races as one. Through some tutoring from Saint Sithians College we got to go to camp at Youth for Christ, which was awesome and very inspirational.


Since 2008, my life has been blessed with a mentor from the US, my karate team, family, and everyone who makes me strong and what I am today. My mentor especially has been the one taking care of my success and career. On the other hand, karate has taught me self-respect and respect for other people, which is why I have a lot of friends who are always by me.

Shout out to my Mom, family, my mentor Michael, God, karate team, Siya, PK and all my friends. You guys made 20 years of my life worth living!


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