Parental Love

In today’s world it is easy to lose parents in different ways. As people who follow my blog know, I talk about things that directly or indirectly affect me.

It’s not easy to lose a parent through death, and it’s no easier to lose parents through being disowned. But there is something common about the two and that is the lack of parental love. Parental love is the atmosphere that revolves around the family: the respect, happiness, and advice you get from your parents.

Money can make you forget you lost parents but it cannot fulfill the area of parental love. If you grow up without a parent it becomes very difficult to raise your own children because you were not taught by your mother how to nurture a child, and you didn’t get advice from your father on how to unconditionally love your child. It is very important to be surrounded by either a mother or a father or hopefully both, but it’s really challenging as a girl not to have a mother or as a boy not to have a father.

It’s easy to fool the world with a big smile during the day around friends, but it always catches up with you at night that you do miss your parents. And, yes, tears won’t stop. To any parent out there it is important that you love and never leave your child. They need you irrespective of what they’ve done, and it kills them twice to not have you around.

My mom raises three kids on her own. She loves us unconditionally.

Parental love plays a role in a child’s success or failure. A child’s performance in their education or sport activity depends on a parent’s effort. If you assist them it shows that you care, and if you are present it shows that you believe in them.

There are parents that don’t spend time with their children and come home with all sort of toys and gadgets to impress the kids. But gadgets are not love. They can break or get lost, and once that thing bores them it’s back to missing your love. So wealth isn’t love. Start engaging with your child. Speak to them about things that they shouldn’t hear from their friends.

Please, as parents just take a step back and ask yourself, “If I were my child, what would I like from my parent?” Make that list and experiment with it, so you can fulfill your major role in your child’s life.


4 thoughts on “Parental Love

  1. Wow great insight of being a great parent hopefully what you have wrote will help me in some coming years when it comes to raising a child! Thanks dude very true and helpfull article.

  2. Great article man, what you wrote really makes me to realize how lucky I’m to have a loving mother although I would have loved to have my dad playing his role.

  3. I am raising my son without a father (he is adopted and we do not know who his father is). I am always worried about how that will impact him in life. I try to be his mother and father, and to have his uncles (my brothers) in his life. But he is only 5 and very aware that he doesn’t have a father in his life. I will remember your article for a long time, especially when I get tired and burned out about being the mother and father. I hope my love and attention will be what he remembers about his youth and not feel deprived of unconditional love.

  4. I love both my parents even if i was raise by my mother, i respect both of them equally and am greatfull for what you have done mtuseni, you have made me realise how important are they to me. This year i lost my older brother and he lift us with his two year son and am not going to let him grow without a male figure. THANKS MTUSENI

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