Le Clos Breaks Phelps’ 10-year Reign

Le Clos and Phelps in 200m Olympic Butterfly Final / Photo Source: Gallo Images

After exactly 10 years, a 20-year-old South African swimmer has beat the most decorated Olympic medalist of all times in his 200m butterfly race. Chad Le Clos only beat Michael Phelps with a fingertip, which is why Phelps didn’t believe it when he saw the board of winners. Even Le Clos was amazed when he beat him because Phelps had the led throughout the race.

South Africans were all excited because we not only respect Phelps but also fear him, as everyone in the world would know that going in the pool with Michael Phelps is like going to a lost war just by the wonders he performs in the pool.

It was great to listen to the commentary team as they wouldn’t believe that Le Clos has beat someone who inspired him to swim. Twitter and Facebook were busy all night because of only that race.

The two met again in the 400m final on the 400m heat, where the best reclaimed his dignity by winning a gold medal and Le Clos taking the silver. The attention wasn’t on the race but it was about the young South African’s potential to cause an upset again on the legendary Michael Phelps.

Phelps was quoted saying he is going to follow Chad Le Clos’s career because he has done something that hasn’t been done to him in 10 years and because this was his last Olympics. He is still the best Olympic athlete with 22 medals overall, including 18 golds.


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