Be Prepared

I have spent my school time at a farm school named St. Ansgars, and only had one wish in high school: to study at Boston Media House and eventually become a radio dj.

But if you notice I didn’t mention what radio station I wanted to work at, because my preparations were limited at finding a possibility of getting to the best media college. It seemed impossible then, and I didn’t bother believing that I’ll be working at Y-fm. I am telling you to always be prepared. Plan your future goals and forget your current circumstance, or you will be stuck in life.

A preacher once asked me, “If I give you R5 million today, what would you do with it?” Well, I ran through all my needs and they were only under R2 million. So he asked, “What will you do with the remaining money?” I couldn’t even think of one thing because I wasn’t prepared for such a question and I limited my mind to things that would better my current situation, not my entire life. Since that day I have changed how I do things and how I plan for things, and I know what I can do even if I get R1 billion.

You do not sometimes have to plan some things, but you have to be prepared for them. For example, I didn’t plan I’d have a mentor who would pay for my tertiary education fees, but it happened. I was prepared because I passed my matric to be one step in that college. Before I knew it I am living the life at the college today. I know when it comes to us Christians money isn’t supposed to be a God to us, but I have learned one thing—that you don’t have to love money, but you need a lot of money to complete your purpose in life.

Also, be prepared for the downfalls of your actions. As a human you know what is wrong or right, and you have a choice of who to associate yourself with. For example, we have heard that many friendships collapse because of one person stealing ideas for great wealth or fame. So I am teaching you to look at your friendship and the way you and your friends do things. Are you prepared to trust this person or are you prepared to lose because of this person? A good example is a TV show called Friends Like These. When it’s the time for the decision you get to see true and real friends because that’s where you get to win the trip or lose it.

Always remember that in life there are three types of people:

     1. Those that make things happen
     2. Those that wait for things to happen
     3. Those that don’t know what is happening

So make an introspection about yourself and ask yourself where do I stand. You need to be like Bill Gates, who was prepared for competitors before he made Microsoft an empire. Now look at him: one of the three richest people on earth. It is because he was PREPARED.

I am prepared for anything today because I know fear of failure makes a lot of possible things become impossible.


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