The King That Doesn’t Want Development

Hut in KwaZulu Natal ProvinceI have recently visited Vryheid (KZN) in an area called Zwathi. It is very rural but with high life expectancy.

It was my fourth time visiting the place and, to my surprise, nothing changes. The whole area doesn’t have electricity. Schools are also far and kids have to walk for about 10 km or more. So it’s 20 km to walk with no food provided. There is only one store in the whole area, owned by the only white person.

The kids there don’t have so much exposure to English. It hurts me so much that in today’s world kids wouldn’t talk to a white person. They can’t speak English because it’s not being empowered to them. They are not given the view outside the box (their area). They are being perceived as people who will end up there.

So I start searching for answers. The similar response from the people living there is that the Zulu king of the area “doesn’t want us to be like him.”

So I ask, “How can you be like a king when you don’t have wealth like him?” He doesn’t care about those grandfathers and mothers because they are illiterate. They gave him all the power for him to be greedy and now it affects everyone. Why should he be so powerful?

The king is selfish. He can’t be spied on because of his connections in sectors around Vryheid. This is a guy that has two older boys who are given businesses and are staying at Durban suburbs. The people also say he is well known because he is in charge of agriculture in the KwaZulu Natal province. He owns all the farms there. All the whites were chased out by this mighty king without brains.

When is our freedom going to work? And how corrupt can you get as an individual? The king doesn’t care about his people and where he comes from. Isn’t it that charity begins at home?


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