Partying, Alcohol and Music

I have been thinking about all the parties I’ve attended. None of them were without music. I mean even Christian parties had music. Does this mean a party without music isn’t a party?

It is very interesting that we all have one thing in common in the whole world and that is the love of music, irrespective of what type of music people listen to. It is said that in Africa we are born with a beat because we love music and we are very good dancers. The generation of today — wherever in the world — there are three types of music that are highly embraced and anticipated. That is House music, Hip-Hop and Pop music. You can never be in a party and not hear one of those if not all of them.

Alcohol overwhelms the world. People have a perception that a party must have any form of alcohol because it is what reveals the true person. When they’re sober and in a crowd they find it very hard to mingle with other people, but once they have had a few drinks they become audible and flexible. Today every weekend people go clubbing and drink until they can barely communicate with others.

All the partying, drinking and music is good as long as we are responsible towards others and the environment. Once drunk you should know that you can’t drive because it endangers others on the road. The music we so in love with also causes a scare in our lives because we wear headphones. This leads to loss of hearing and people die because they can’t hear anything from behind and get knocked by cars.

Having fun is a great thing. You can party, listen to music, and drink to your capacity when you are home because it is safer than traveling. Let us be responsible and careful when we go have fun.


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