Why Life Has Challenges

As people we often sit back and wonder why we face challenges in our lives, but we still don’t get answers. I am not saying I have the correct answer, but my opinion might be helpful.

Challenges are there to be a reference on what we are about to achieve, hence “failure is the beginning of success.” Challenges are in every step of growth, so no one will have a perfect life.

The first challenge I have always encountered is peers and the amount of pressure they put to you when you’re trying to fit in. The second challenge is society. It’s funny how society will always try to put you down if there is anything better you are doing. They will either compete with you or just try find bad things to fail you.

Low self-esteem is one of the major challenges that the 21st century generation is struggling with. It takes time and a lot of self-actualization to get through it, and it has left people committing suicide and giving themselves to drugs. The youth does need help no matter how stubborn we are. We do need some advice on how to control ourselves. I know we can be arrogant, but we still need a shoulder to cry on or someone to listen to us.

So challenges are not permanent barriers in one’s life, but they are there to keep you focused and not give up. Do not let challenges take charge of your life, because you are better than them. Remember that God said “I will never give you a challenge greater than your strength.” This is confirmation of saying you have the power over your challenges and that God knows your challenges.

It is always good to look at your challenges as a growth point, because overcoming a challenge always is an achievement and a relief. I know your challenges may not be like mine, but the more challenges you face the stronger you are mentally because you have to think of what you can do to overcome them.


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