Mass Marching

Mass marching seems to be the new way of getting someone to listen to you. It happens locally, nationally and globally but the question is, “Does it work?”

It’s a regular things with South Africans. Sometimes it works but sometimes it doesn’t. The only time it does really work is when people vandalize government property.

Some of these marches do possess a lot of violence and these are ultimately the ones that the government pays attention to. For example, Libya is the country that got freedom through the march, which was a blood-filled one because they had to fight the government. The other country is Egypt. They had freedom through mass marching which wasn’t as hard as in Libya. This is just to show how much power mass marching can have.

It also puzzles me why some other countries don’t even march and accept living under unsustainable conditions. Zimbabwe doesn’t even think of marching because they fear a 90-year-old president who has tortured them more than when they were exiled. China, too. Their government is so strict that it owns the peoples lives and this is why no concrete news can be found in China because it’s easy to influence people through media.

Mass marching needs a lot of confidence, and people should be ready that anything can happen. But I think there should be another way we can voice our opinions and be heard without going to the streets to march.


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