Are We Really an Opposite Nation?

This world is just so confusing. All the times people would instruct you to do something and exactly do the opposite.

I have a very strong vision and also have sound judgement, and I’ve been looking at what is happening in the world and in South Africa. I’ll mention some examples why I say the nation opposes its words.

When I was at high school I had a teacher who was very good in business studies. So this guy would actually tell you about budgeting, as if he would budget for life. Only to find out, he was asking his colleagues for lunch money and always hitched a ride on one of his colleagues. The reason is that every Saturday and sometimes during the week he would go bet on horse racing, which would actually make him broke. He has responsibilities because he is a parent. Most students realized that he didn’t practice what he preached, so this was hard for him. He always had stress, which would lead him to insulting students.

The most funny and ridiculous one is doctors. They always say “don’t smoke because you going to die” and they say smoking causes a lot of diseases. But you’ll find him after every patient he smokes. This often causes the increase in smoking because people think “if the doctor can smoke and not die, why will I die.”

Crime is increasing because police are now the master minds behind crimes because they can steal dockets and criminals walk free. This makes our environment unsafe. The government is also corrupt, yet they say they want to stop crime. This is just totally misleading the people. It’s not easy to understand why people do all these things.


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