I know people have heard this word a lot. But have you really taken time to do what the word says?

Imagination is the best key to determination. When we imagine, we shift focus from the world we are in to our own free world. If you have this tool and you know where and how to make use of it, you are granted success.

Imagine if the world was a Pangaea and the seas didn’t really separate us: How would the world be? Wouldn’t there be violence? Would we fight for any freedom? Would we even have consulates who always deny us access to other countries? Or perhaps would we have one president. How would this world be controlled?

Imagine that there were no different colours of people and languages, like in heaven. Could this bring unity to people and create peace within different individuals? The world would have to share the same currency, which means no economic recession. Probably there wouldn’t be so many things that cause an imbalance in the society.

Imagine if we all had no names. How would we call each other? There won’t be any need for Home Affairs because no one would be so interested in unknown citizens. Or would this cause a major increase in crime because everyone would be a suspect?

Imagine there was never apartheid or colonialism. Would Africa be wealthy as they are supposed to be? Or, even worse, would we all have just not known about gold or minerals? And how do you think USA would be today if they didn’t exile Africans to work for them? Would it be the biggest country in the world, as it is now, or would it be poverty striken like Zimbabwe?

Imagine… and you will be determined to change your own destination. Imagine imagine imagine!


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