Education as a Vital Part of Life

In life there’s one thing that no one can turn back time for and that is education. Ask whoever has made mistakes and dropped out of school: They will always advise and push anyone to go to school because they have misused their chance and they don’t want you to be like them.

An educational lifestyle is what we as the world miss because the youth today don’t grasp what education truly means. They find everything as easy as they see it and forget how people had to walk kilometers to schools. But today a child won’t go to school if they don’t have money for food, hence the government provides lunch for them.

I think in order to achieve an educational lifestyle it all has to start with discipline and hunger for education — because if someone doesn’t want to learn then you’d be wasting time and money changing schools and providing transport. It can get to the point where a parent feels like giving up, which is what no parent wants. Parents want their children to succeed.

Education is growth and doesn’t end in school premises. It’s an everyday thing and it’s got no limit in terms of age and gender. We all are supposed to learn something on every day of our lives. This can happen in strange ways. As an example, if a parent did something as a child they understand it later as adults that they shouldn’t have done that because it was causing trouble for their parents. When a teen gets told not to go out late they only learn later that it’s a parent being concerned about your safety, not that they don’t want you to go out.

So education is a true and everyday thing. Let’s help our children get this important tool for their success. It’s not too late. We can still make this world an educational environment for all.


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