The First Time Flying

On the planeHey friends,

The first year in my life flying: I couldn’t believe the view you get from above. I was filled with awe seeing the cars as toys and buildings so small to fit in my pocket. It was just an overwhelming time for me. I have heard that most people vomit and I didn’t even come close to doing that, because this was an opportunity I couldn’t mess with or miss.

I expected a lot from the plane since I live near an airport and mom works on planes. So I had all the information but didn’t have the experience. And guess what? Satisfaction at its best. I was so flattered to see beyond the clouds and actually see them from above instead of below. The comment I enjoyed most is when the pilot said we are now 36,000 feet above ground. I thought, “I can fly forever.”

My friends still don’t believe I flew because they still fantasize about it. Because I’m a man of action, I just take out my photos and show them because they don’t believe in spoken words.

Capetown coast from the plane

Taking off from Capetown

I thank my buddy who arranged this because he was by my side so that if I wanted to scream in the air he could calm me down. And I thank him for making me be two hours early in the airport to wait for a delayed plane! lol But ultimately I want to thank Michael Beckett for making my far reaching goals become reality and for overseeing potential in me.

Now I believe I can touch the sky, because the sky is the limit and nothing is impossible!!!!!!!


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