Moments of 2011

This year was highly anticipated and also had a name: Elevation. My Facebook friends and I had great expectations on this year, but they said thumbs down to 2011 because they didn’t achieve most of their goals. I also had my own goals. I couldn’t achieve all of them but whatever I have or did this year was a stepping stone to what I’ll achieve in future.

I’ll share my moments with you that really got me down in this year and also share the highs at the end. Like they say, bad news first so that they don’t spoil the good news. Firstly, I went to write for my learner’s driving licence and only missed one mark to pass so I failed. Secondly, I applied for a US visitor visa two times and still they couldn’t grant me a visa, which was another major blow. Thirdly, I lost my brother through a horrible car crash. Then I couldn’t go to Durban, which has always been a wish to me. Lastly, I’m to miss the greatest Christian  camp ever.

With that being all my setbacks, I still face the world with a smile because God still allows me to breath.

The Highs of 2011

Karate camp in January 2011

1.  I was selected to go to a Karate camp and that was very inspirational. I didn’t only learn about karate but also about life — like what you do inside the dojo reflects who you truly are. So it’s important to treat those around you with respect so that you also gain the respect. I also met Renchi Paul. He does nothing but karate alone and he runs his karate schools at Switzerland and that is his way of living.

2.  I took a picture with 5m long albino python, it was heavy but I felt fearless.

Overcoming my biggest fear

3.  I passed matric exams and got into Boston Media House, a college that I wanted.

4.  I passed all my first year college subjects.

5.  Finally my friend, mentor and father Michael from the US is visiting me in South Africa next month for the first time. This means I’ll be an American for the first time in my life lol.

All I’ve said, I just thank God for my family, Michael and Christine, who has helped me succeed since I was young. These are the people that always rescue me and put a smile on my face.


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