December 16 Is Reconciliation Day

This is a day that South Africans misunderstand because they don’t reconcile; they just go to parks and drink. Or is it a new way to reconcile?

Well, I’m also getting confused about this day because I do nothing, and I think if I had to reconcile it would take this day plus the weekend. I’m not planning to reconcile to anyone. Until at least one person reconciles to me.

On a serious note, we have lost the culture of holidays in South Africa. There is a reason why this holiday was placed 9 days before Christmas. I wonder if people in my country do know why, or if they feel that it’s just a day given a name and placed on a normal day. On the actual this day is special because there’s 16 more days to the end of the year, so Reconciliation Day is made so that we get ready for new beginnings. I just wish everyone had the same perspective and perception of this day.


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